ACRO Seoul Forest is a High-end Residence planned by Daelim, a leading construction company in Korea.
Close to Seoul Forest, there will be Multi-cultural complex including Acro Seoul Forest(Two Residential Building), Replace(Retail Shops), Art Center and D Tower(Prime Office).
The Key Concept was ‘Completion of Collection’, which means high quality of lifestyle, curated by Daelim.
According to the key concept, there were 3 keywords; completion, culture and open.
We created Bold & Strong word mark and put a slight emphasis on ‘C’ and ‘O’ which implies ‘culture’ and ‘open’.
Inspired by ‘collection’, we played with line/plane frames for visual communication system.
Poster Examples
Website Design: Manual
Infographic Illustration: Sungwoo Hong

ACRO Seoul Forest Visual Identity Development
Client: Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd

Project Team
Visual Identity Development
Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Designer: Eunju Kim, Saerom Kang, Yoonji Nam
Photographer: Kiwoong Hong
Project Planning & Direction
Planning: Design Innovation Center Team
Account Managers: Hye-yoon Lee (Manager), Kukhyun Yoon (Assistant Manager)
Web Design
Director: Seong-kyun Lee
Infographic Illustraion
Sungwoo Hong

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