The Act of Drawing and the Canvas: The Logo and the System
The Seoul Illustration Fair, which began in 2015, has grown into a leading exhibition representing the field of illustration in South Korea, with the participation of numerous artists and the public. Following the reestablishment of the SIF's Brand Identity in 2020, CFC developed a key visual for SIF and BIF in 2023. The newly established visual identity of SIF encapsulates the representativeness of the event and the continuity of the fair.

The lively lines that comprise SIF symbolize the essence of illustration, which is the 'act of drawing'. The 'I' between S and F acts as a canvas, forming a consistent grid system for SIF.

The act of drawing, central to SIF, can be expanded infinitely based on the variation of the drawing tool (the brush). In the 2023 key visual, the tools for SIF's four main categories (drawing, graphic, story, motion) are represented uniquely: a pen for drawing, pixels for graphic, a speech bubble for story, and a falling ball for motion. These elements, combined with SIF's grid system, effectively convey the diversity and essence of SIF. 

SIF BI & 23’ Key Visual Design
2022, 2020
Client: SIF
Project Team
BI & Key Visual Design: CFC
Design Application: CFC, SIF
PM & Design Application: Kiyeon Kim, Eunyeong Cho, Yoonji Kim
Art Direction: Charry Jeon
23’ Key Visual Design: Charry Jeon, Junghun Lim, Soomin Woo
23’ Design Application: Junghun Lim, Soomin Woo
20’ SIF BI System Design: Charry Jeon, Yoonji Nam, Nara Yoon, Seyoun Kim
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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