2016 Calendar Design for Korean Corporation SK.
This project was a collboration of various artists.
Art Center Nabi, who planned this project made a theme, 'a fairy tale for adults' for 2016 SK Calendar and organized a team composed of musicians, an illustrator, and designers.
Korean singer song writer group, 'Sweet Sorrow' wrote a song delivering messages of encouragement and the lyrics were divided into 12months. Then the story of each month was visualized by an illustrator 'Lieke van der Vorst'.
Finally Studio CFC and Chuigraf designed the exterior and the interior of calendars. When scanning the QR code at the cover of the calendar, people can listen to a song written by Sweet Sorrow.
There are 3 types for calendars- vip, desk, and wall calendar.
For VIP, we decided to create a frame expecting people to keep it as an objet after a year. We also designed a small book with a cd in it for people to actually read it like a fairy tale.
For desk and wall calendar we made color variations so people can choose one upon their preference.
Table Calendar
Wall Calendar
VIP Calendar with wood frame and a cd book.
Inspired by old book covers, we made a new composition with motif from the illustration.
Small story book with CD
When scanning the QR code, you can listen to a song written for this project.
Art Direction & Design by Studio CFC(ContentFormContext) & Chuigraf
Design: Studio CFC & Chuigraf
Music: Sweet Sorrow
Illustration: Lieke van der Vorst
Wood worker: Inhoo by Seungwon Lee
Planning: Art Center Nabi
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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