CFC has renewed the brand identity and news subtitle system of SBS 8 News, one of the main news representing South Korea.
The brand direction to improve the existing logo and subtitle system, which had been used for six years, was to establish a new standard for Korean news with a balanced perspective. We tried to capture our story through the stroke that stretched out from the center of the number ‘8’. The unique shape of the number ‘8’ symbol conveys its representativeness as the main news of SBS, while allowing it to be flexibly harmonized with the entire channel graphic system of SBS. The minimal form of the new symbol combines with a new color system to convey a fresh and creative impression.
There were three major directions for subtitling systems. Modular, Intuitive, and Mobile-friendly.
We introduced a flexible module system suitable for the domestic news style in which various information appears in a short time. In addition, to flexibly respond to the mobile environment we utilize the digital UI elements familiar to the new target of the news, millennials.

SBS 8 News BI & Subtitle System Dev.
Client: SBS News Department
Project Team
BI & Subtitle System Design: CFC
New Title Motion Graphic Design: Cobb Studio
Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Jiyoung Kim, Seyoun Kim
Assist: Nara Yoon, Yoonji Nam

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