CFC has developed visual identity, package design and brand imagery of ‘Thyane’, a Korean skincare brand that has been just launched.
The brand concept of ‘Thyane’ is a secret shop in the mysterious forest. We designed an imaginary shop form and developed it into an emblem. The cosmetic box implements the facade of the shop. The word mark functions as a signage of the shop and the side of the box serves as a store pillar.
 To convey a mysterious image, we have developed a graphic representation of ingredients of each products as an illustration. Brand imagery also has been photographed with mysterious mood.
THYANE Visual Identity, Package and Brand Imagery Development
Client: THYANE

Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Designer: Minsun Lee, Saerom Kang, Eunju Kim
Illustration: Minsun Lee
Photography Styling: Studio Rosso
Photographer: Kiwoong Hong

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