CFC has developed an oriental medicine package design system of Cheil Health Science. 
The following visual language has been established so that the design can be intuitive while conveying the sense of oriental beauty.

1. A two-part layout that metaphors yin and yang
2. Vertical writing typography
3. Medium saturation color system
4. Iconography of refined lines

The two-segmented layout includes product information at the top, and icons and colors corresponding to categories at the bottom so that consumers can easily recognize the functions and information of the product.
Jeil Health Science Package Design System Development
Client: Jeil Health Science

Project Team
Project Management
Package Design & Brand Imagery Dev.

Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Jeongmoon Choi, Eunju Kim
Assist: Nara Yoon, Ziyoung Kim
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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