OneFineDinner is a social dining platform for the people who love foods. OneFineDinner introduces hosts from all over the world who make special dishes with their own recipes. Guests can experience different culture and meet other people thorough foods.
We made concepts based on their slogan 'Enjoy Homemade Meals around the World in Seoul'. We created airplane symbol with a spoon and fork to deliver the message of 'traveling and experiencing all around the world on the table.
Concept Board
Patterns inspired by tablecloth
Color System
Advertising Posters for Hosts
OneFineBox by OneFineDinner
OneFineBox at 'Seoul Food Film Festival'
American Brunch by host, Charles
OneFineDinner Popup Restaurant at 'Ordinary table of extraordinary kitchen'
Art Direction & Design by ContentFormContext
Design: Charry Jeon
Photography: Kiwoong Hong
Illustration: Saerom Kang

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