Lépicerie: the Evolution of Department Store Food Halls in Korea
Seoul is a city where competition among department store food halls is extremely fierce. As each department store emphasizes specialized curation and distinctive brand communication, CFC, in collaboration with Lotte Department Store's visual strategy team, has renewed Lotte Department Store’s food hall and launched a new market brand, Lépicerie, to move forward into a new phase. We have established a premium food hall brand identity that embodies the essence of Lotte, aiming to lead the market and create value.

Reinterpreting Lotte Heritage: Golden Age and Lotte Nouveau
The brand concept of Lépicerie is the Golden Age. The Golden Age signifies a period of great prosperity, peace, and harmony, as well as the peak season when local specialties are at their best. This concept reflects that Lépicerie is a place where you can find the freshest and most delicious groceries, and it embodies our commitment to leading the golden era of Lotte Department Store's food hall.
To establish a unique brand design that differentiates us from other food halls, we have reinterpreted Lotte Department Store's heritage, which is traditionally ornate and somewhat classical, into a contemporary aesthetic we call Lotte Nouveau. We aimed to create a visual connection between the department store and the food hall by linking the store's ornate curves with lively and vibrant vine motifs. The symbol, which gracefully intertwines Lotte's 'L' and épicerie's 'e', represents the abundance of Lotte's food hall. The logotype, with each letter ending in a gently upward curve, reflects the form of growing plants, and the ligature of 'e' and 'p' incorporates the rich curves of natural produce. The flexible curves of the symbol and logotype carry forward Lotte's heritage with a modern and sophisticated image.

Lépicerie Visual Identity Development
Client: Lotte Department Store(LDS)

Project Team
Project Direction: LDS Visual Strategy Team(Soubinne Baik, Yeji Lee, Jisu Lee)
Brand Concept & Naming: Bemyguest
BI System Design: CFC
Design Application: LDS Visual Strategy Team, CFC
Signage Design Application: LDS Space Design Team(Soyoung Lee, Sunhee Lee), CFC
Illustration: m3m.works
Key Visual Photography: Hoon Shin


Art Direction: Charry Jeon
BI System Design: Charry Jeon, Saerom Kang, Hyungseok Lim, Jeongmoon Choi, Junghun Lim
Design Application: Saerom Kang, Hyungseok Lim, Jeongmoon Choi, Junghun Lim
Portfolio Photography: Kiwoong Hong


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