Unchangeable and Changeable

CFC teamed up with the 29CM branding team last year to develop the brand identity for the first offline showroom of 29CM, '29CM SEONGSU'. Originating as a fashion-centric e-commerce platform back in 2011, 29CM has diversified its business into various categories and is evolving into a brand that encompasses various aspects of lifestyle. '29CM SEONGSU' provides customers with an intuitive experience of the brands in the store and serves as a space for closer and deeper communication with customers, embodying the unique identity of 29CM.

CFC aimed to connect and expand 29CM's philosophy and individuality into a physical space, all the while crafting a brand identity that mirrors the character of SEONGSU, where the showroom is located. 

The BI of '29CM SEONGSU' represents the coexistence of 'things that change and things that remain unchanged'. While '29CM SEONGSU' showcases a range of brands and products in line with seasonal themes, offering an adaptable environment, the fundamental ethos of 29CM, focusing on the essence of a concept shop, remains unchanged. Starting from this concept, CFC established a foundational identity module that originates from a fixed line evocative of centimeters, symbolizing the 'unchanging’ system, while the diverse content within the expanding line is designated as the 'changing' area. The graphics, displaying abundant variations within this predefined structure, encapsulate the unique essence of 29CM as being 'kind yet whimsical'. 

29CM SEONGSU Brand Identity Design
Client: 29CM
Project Team
PM: 29CM Branding Team
BI System Design: CFC
BI Design Application: CFC, 29CM BX Design Part
Space Design: Studio Fragment
Project Management: Taehee Ha
BI Design Application: Serin Kim, Jihye Sohn
Art Direction: Charry Jeon
BI System Design: Charry Jeon, Hyungseok Lim, Ziyoung Kim, Jeongmoon Choi, Seoin Song
BI Design Application: Hyungseok Lim, Jeongmoon Choi, Seoin Song
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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