Paradise Art space is a contemporary art gallery that has recently opened in Paradise City, Korea. 
PAS showcases a new level of cultural experience and works from wide-ranging genres by prominent Korean and global artists. CFC was commissioned to develop a visual identity system of Paradise Art Space.
Inspired by four arches on the facade of the building, we combined the arch shape with alphabet ‘A’ from 'PAS'. The shape of the arch also functions as a graphic motif, disassembled and reassembled and appears to be varied in various applications. We also created a flexible visual identity system representing the spatial concept of a gallery that flexibly embraces the art of various spectrums.
Paradise Art Space Visual Identity Development
Client: Paradise 

Planning & Design Implementation: Paradise Brand & Design Dept.
Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Minsun Lee, Jiyoung Kim
Brochure Editorial Design: Eunju Kim
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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