In 2022, CFC collaborated with the Laundrygo brand team to undertake the Laundrygo Brand Identity redesign project. The project commenced with an insightful tour of the Laundrygo facility, where the operational scale and the mechanical process of laundering were observed. These initial observations guided CFC in thoroughly analyzing Laundrygo's services to develop a refined design concept. We interpreted Laundrygo's core strengths—such as the forward-moving essence encapsulated in the brand name 'GO,' the service experience of laundry being sent out and returning clean, the principle of using rotational force in washing, and the eco-friendly operation of recycling hangers and plastic—as a 'rotating arrow.' This concept was integrated into the letter 'G' to establish a new visual identity.
This redesign was a significant departure from the previous BI and served as a meaningful project that enhanced the symbolism of the brand and solidified its leadership in the laundry category. 

Laundrygo BI Design
Client: 의식주컴퍼니
Project Team
PM: Laundrygo 
BI Design: CFC
Design Application: CFC, Laundrygo
Creative Direction: Song Hosung
Project Management: Kim Minji, Lee Gyuhwan
Design Application: Park Jinhyo, Lee Hyunji, Cho Taeyeon, Ryu Jiwon, Kim Heeyoung, Choi Seoryung
Art Direction: Charry Jeon
BI Design: Charry Jeon, Saerom Kang, Seyoun Kim, Ziyoung Kim
Design Application: Saerom Kang, Seoin Song
Photography: Kiwoong Hong
English Typeface: Heejoon Chae
Workwear Design: OYK

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