Back in 1993, ‘Postmodern’ was their brand attitude, which seemed focusing on fashion style. TIME in 2021 is more than just fashion, it’s lifestyle. TIME's new slogan ‘Poetic Scenes’ metaphorically describes the poetic scenery created by the accumulation of time and the poetic daily life created by fashion. ​​​​​​​

Along with the new slogan, we also wanted to reevaluate and re-approach their visual identity to meet their mission of revitalizing brands, reviving their unique minds, and making everyday fashion poetic.
New Logotype played a great role. We crafted a logotype with contemporary gestures that evolved from existing ones. New logotype shows minimal yet bold attitude.
And we focused on the meaning of the brand name 'TIME'. What if we translate time into visuals, images, or space? Time doesn't stop. It always flows. We proposed brand imagery and patterns that implies the form of time and utilized them to visual language.

TIME Visual Identity & Slogan Dev.
Client: the handsome
Project Team
Project Management: the handsome brand strategy team
Slogan: with Minyuljin Company
VI Design: CFC
AD /  Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Minsun Lee, Saerom Kang, Eunju Kim
Photography: Kiwoong Hong

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