CFC has designed the Visual Identity of ‘TSP737 Espresso Stand’ in Hannam-dong opened by ‘A Twosome Place’. The Cafe, which sells espresso-based drinks and desserts, is inspired by ’Square’, a space where many people gather. We noted the similarities between the square and the espresso. Espresso, extracted by pressing coffee beans, resembled the vibes in the square with high density of people. We studied the materiality and texture that can be conceived from the square and the espresso and put them in a graphic.
TSP737 Visual Identity Development
Client: A Twosome Place

Project Team
A Twosome Place TFT
Project Management / BI Design & Design Implementation (Soyoung Song)
Visual Identity & Shop Item Design

Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Eunju Kim, Yoonji Nam, Nara Yoon

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