Lotte Homeshopping, which started with TV homeshopping, is evolving into a media commerce company that encompasses TV, mobile, web, OTT, VR, etc. to meet the changing media environment. Based on the newly established brand essence 'Making Connection’, CFC has developed an ‘L’ symbol that integrates various channels of Lotte Homeshopping and a visual system that metaphors the boundless expansions of the commerce experience. ‘Extensible L’ graphics, which inspired by various screen ratios such as TV, mobile, and computer, expand and changes in various touch points such as broadcast screen UI, app, web, and offline. 
The new broadcast screen UI, developed with L-graphics, allows viewers to focus on the product and intuitively recognize information about the product through a hierarchy of information designed to fit the flow of eyes.
Lotte Homeshopping Visual System Dev.
Client: Lotte Homeshopping
Project Team
Project Management: Lotte Homeshopping Design Cell
Brand Strategy: Lippincott
Brand Design: CFC
Motion Graphic: Cobb Studio

Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Design: Eunju Kim, Yoonji Nam, Jeongmoon Choi
Assist: Saerom Kang
Photograph: Kiwoong Hong

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